For you Prerna, because you love the mountain too.

Exactly one year after Virendra left his body the 28 January 2009, Prerna had an accident. Yesterday the 28 of January 2010 riding her bicicle back home she was hit by a car. She fall badly and the bike fall on top of her. She was driven by an ambulance to the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam. She has a bad fracture at Tibial Plateau.and needs to be operated but not before next Friday, a week from now.

She can received visit on the visit hours which are from 11 to 13 and from 16 to 19.30. Also tomorrow she will have a cellular in the room and people can call her. If you wish to know her cell number please email me and I will let you know.

After the initial shock Prerna is now fine and slowly accepting that it will take some time for her to fully recover. Pratito and Srajan took care of her last night and I spent most of the day today in the hospital telling her my war story of my long time in hospital.

Last year after I came back from my Christmas holiday in Italy Virendra called me to go and visit him. The story is told in the first blog entry. Last night I came back from Italy and I received a call from Gambheera telling me about Prerna situation. So is life.

Sending tons of love to everybody and a healing prayer to Prerna.

On my birthday
written by Milena

Some pictures of a nice day singing and dancing heart dance with Rangini and the Friend of Virendra. In Wajid on the 16 of January.

When we danced the song "Rejoice in the Lord" Rangini told everyone present that Virendra really liked the song, only he couldn't really say "Lord" actually he did not wanted, instead he changed into the word "Void."

Rejoice in the Lord ( Void) always
Rejoice, rejoice
and again I say rejoice

I remember having a discussion about this with him in his last weeks. He was all for emptiness and void, and nothingness and I love to call on God, the Lord, the Almighty Father the fullness of life and the richness of dying.
Just two different ways although a common past in our time with Osho, still so many ways to express the Ultimate. I like the dance of the Lover with the Beloved like the Sufi and Christian mystics, Virendra liked the sense of "nothingness".

Some people sang Lord and some used the word Void. Pick the one that resonates with you.
As long as you rejoice in whatever happens to you with gentle acceptance and a heart in love, then all is okay.

I thought to publish this invitation from Srajan to a day meditation. It is 20 years that Osho passed away, and almost one year from the departure of Virendra. In these 20 years many sannaysin have "left their body" just to name few I personally was friend with:
Ma Shanti Genny, Ma Yoga Sudha, most beloved Disha, Swami Bhavan Amsterdam and many many other including Sw Virendra. I like to add here also Tim Guest aka Yogesh who died last summer of an heart attack at the age of 34.

My heartfelt wishes for peace to the heart and acceptance of the body to Swami Rupesh (more info on his blog) in Mexico who suffers of another form of cancer.
(written by Milena)

From Srajan:

Hallo allemaal,
De allerbeste wensen voor het nieuwe jaar.
Deze maand is het 20 jaar geleden dat Osho zijn lichaam verliet en dat wordt in een meditatiekring gevierd door heel Nederland.
Wij willen dat in Amsterdam Buitenveldert vieren met meditatie en heart dance en willen jullie van harte uitnodigen.
Zegt het voort aan iedereen die graag mediteert.
Rajyo, Pratito en Srajan

Zondag 17 januari in De Atlant
10 – 11 Dynamische – meditatie
12 – 13 Nadabrahma - meditatie
13 – 14 Lunch
14 – 15.30 Heart Dance - met de Vrienden van Virendra
16 – 17 Kundalini - meditatie

Kosten € 25 incl. lunch. Losse meditaties € 5.
Voor deelname en informatie: bel 020-6694841 of mail
Adres: Scholengemeenschap De Atlant, Teilingen 4, Amsterdam Buitenveldert.
Tram 5 of metro 51, halte Van Boshuizenstraat. Daarna 5 minuten lopen.
Neem je eigen meditatiekussen en handdoek mee.

De opbrengsten van de dag gaan als donatie naar de Stichting Vrienden van Osho.